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Our Thank You Letters

These are a few letters and feedback left to Angel Bears of Hope

A BIG thank you to Steve & Carol Aubry for their very generous donation.

Steve & CarolAnother Amazing Day for Angel Bears Of Hope! Received this Wonderful note and a very, Very Generous Check from Steve and Carol Aubry and the Aubry Family! This will go toward Purchasing 2,000 Angel Bears that will be here in May! Thank you so Much!!

Ellen with her Angel bear and blanket~

Empowering Ellen

Thank you Cathie and Family for sending Angel Bears to Levine Children’s Hospital in NC

Just Received this in the Mail! This is really for One of Angel Bears of Hope Angel's! Her name is Cathie Olson Schafer, used to call Ottawa Il their home for Many Years! Cathie paid for the Postage for the Angel Bears to go to Levine Children's HCathie Olsonospital in Charlotte NC!! Thank you so much Cathie and Family for Sending Love,Hope and Hugs to the Children fighting Cancer! We miss you!!

Thank you from Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego CA

Just received this very Thoughtful Thank You from Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego CA! Angie a Friend of Angel Bears of Hope made it Across the States with 50 Angel BearsRady Children's Hospital to bring Love,Hope And Hugs to the Children Fighting Cancer! Thank You Angie!!

Thank you from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

Just received thThank you Phillyis Thank You in the Mail! When We receive Thank You's like this, We know We are doing the Right Thing! Turning a Tear into a Smile! Thank you again Karen and Bruce Rhodes for bringing Love,Hope and Hugs to the Children Fighting Cancer at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia!!!

Thank you from Rush Children’s Hospital

Just received this in the Mail! Love to share these Thank You's with all of you! A very Special Thank You to Danielle Scaman that works At OSF Ottawa Home Health, Dani had a Dr. Appt at Rush Hospital, so she decided to bring Love, Hope and Hugs to the Children at Rush Children's Thank you RushHospital! Thank You Dani!! No Postage Again

Thank you from Sally & Clyde

Just received the nicest Thank You and Donation from a lady in Streator Ill It is Thank You's like this, That let us know we are doing the right Thing! Thank you So much Sally and your wonderful Thank you SallyHusband Clyde! So Glad you are doing Great!! You said the most important words!! You caught your Cancer Early!! Prayers for continued good Health!!

Thank you from Dallas Children’s Hospital

Wanted to share this Thank You with all of You! Jim and Judy McCarrens just got back from Dallas Texas! While they were there, They delivered Angel Bears to Dallas Children's Hospital! They brought this Thank You Back, and I have received a very Dallas Texasnice Thank You Call! They said the Children Love their Angel Bear! Turning Tears into Smiles!!

Thank you letter from Shriners Hospital

Thank you so

Shriners 2

much for the wonderful donation of Angel bears for the patients here at Shriners Hospital.  They truly just love receiving them. I took a photo (It’s a little dark) but I hope you enjoy it.  Thank you again for all you do for us here at the Shrine.  We love receiving such beautiful stuffed animals to give out to the patients.  It’s gives them something to cuddle with and also to watch over them,

Thank you so much for you generosity.

Recreation Therapy/Child Life Department

Shriners Hospitals for Children

Neivaiah received her Angel Bear of Hope!

My daughter, Neivaiah age 7, just received an angel bear from her nurse. Thank you all for all the inspiration to help her and all these strong kids keep fighting their battles.

Thank you from Texas Children’s Hospital

AmyThank you Texas Hospital Aicher just sent me this Thank You! I would like to share this! Thank You Jay and Amy for taking all this Love, Hope, and Hugs to the Children fighting Cancer!! Doing God's Work!!

Prayers for Austin

Just got this!! I want to ask every one to pray for Austin!! Praying, Praying, Praying,Praying!! So glad that Austin has gotten Comfort and Love from his Angel Bear!! Doing God's Work!! Kathie

Thank you from Palmetto Health Children’s Hospital

I just love thThank you cardese Thank You's We get! Would like to share this one! Martin and Margie Yoesle delivered Angel Bears to this Children's Hospital in Columbia SC!! Thank You Martin and Margie for delivering Love, Hope and Hugs!! Doing God's Work!!!

Ronald McDonald House

rmhcI want to thank you for the generous donation of angel bears. The bears brighten each child’s day and put a smile on their face when they receive this wonderful treasure. They bring happiness and hope to the daily fight of childhood cancer. Thank you Maralee for all you do for everyone one of these patients. You touch the lives of many and are an inspiration to all. Thank you for choosing RMCH!

Gail Fox

I received one of these bears during my radiation at Morris Radiation Therapy Center. It really helped lift my spirits in a time in my life when I really needed it. Thank you! Gail Fox

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Thank you for your continued support!

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