Angel By Your Side - Francesca Battistelli

Thank you Jan Grady & Jim Conway for taking Angel Bears to Oak Lawn, Geneva and Naperville

jim-conwayJjan-gradyust leaving an Angel, Jan Grady just picked up Angel Bears that she will give to her Brother-in -law Jim Conway Jim will be taking 50 Angel Bears to Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn Il and then Jim will be going to Ronald McDonald House in Oak Lawn with 30 Angel Bears!
Then our Angel Jan took 30 Angel Bears that her Hubby Tom Grady will help get these to the Living well Center in Geneva Il for the Children fighting Cancer, and then they will stop at Edwards Hospital in Naperville and Leave 20 Angel Bears for the Children fighting Cancer! They will be very busy!! They do all this with Love for the Children! ANGEL BEARS OF HOPE


Thank you for your continued support!

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